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11 Jun 2021

definition of posting in accounting

If you are an individual client you can produce accounts for multiple businesses. TaxCalc Accounts Production features a library of notes and disclosures that may appear on your clients’ financial statements. Simple data entry and superfast report generation with live editing and built-in iXBRL.

However, the increase in assets due to the purchased goods compensates for this in each case. The expenses that influence the profit total for the businesses are also included in the profit and loss account here, like depreciation of the machine. Posting a business transaction in your accounting software creates journal entries that include debits and credits.

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And also, the similarities and differences between cash and credit transactions discussed in part three. Bureaucratic processes surrounding holding onto different kinds of receipts, invoices, bookkeeping for startups and documents can seem tedious or even unnecessary. In this guide, we explain why and how to order your documents, the different types of receipts, and the basics of bookkeeping.

InvestmentInvestment is a term with several closely related meanings in finance and economics. It refers to the accumulation of some kind of asset in hope of getting a future return from it. Invoice Sent out by the seller or service provider to request payment for goods or services. Indirect manufacturing costsCosts relating to manufacture that cannot be economically traced to the item being manufactured (also known as ‘indirect costs’ and sometimes, as ‘factory overhead expenses’). Input Tax VAT added to the net price of inputs (i.e. purchases).


Bank charges for the year of $115 have been omitted from the accounting records. This might happen where a purchase invoice is accidentally entered as if it were a credit note received from a supplier. The accounts of the general ledger form part of the trial balance. It starts each financial year with a nil balance, which then increases every time a sale is entered. Before we progress, it’s vital to have understood the business basics covered in part one and part two.

What is the meaning of ledger and posting?

The record of important transactions that take place is called a ledger. Each ledger means an individual asset, person, revenue, or expense. The process of entering all transactions from the journal to the ledger is called ledger posting.

Assets which have a long life bought with the intention to use them in the business and not with the intention to simply resell them. FIFOFIFO, or First In First Out, is an assumption that enables the cost of stock to be calculated. When sales are made the items sold are assumed to be the earliest purchased, so the cost of items in stock always reflect the most recent purchases. Drawings
Cash or goods taken from the business for the owners’ personal use.

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For example, there are certain allowable business expenses that you can claim for against your taxable income. So you’d also need an in depth knowledge of the tax system to understand exactly what is tax deductible and when. As a start-up entrepreneur you’ll probably think that what you need to record appears quite basic.

definition of posting in accounting

Your (exclusive) right to use the building, to sell things from, or to rent out to tenants, is the asset, because you make profits by using the building. This is why we might value our building using two different bases (cost or market value) depending on how we intend to use it. As explained in Note X to the financial statements, the directors do not consider the going concern basis to be appropriate and these financial statements have therefore not been prepared on that basis. An Accounts Production licence applies to an allotment of clients per year, depending on the specific Product purchased.

Accounts Production

If your business receives an electricity bill in April for electricity it has used in January to March and it has not been accounted for in the accounts, the accounts for January to March will be inaccurate. If you have control over rights, that means that you will enjoy the future economic benefits of the asset. So, in general, if you can direct how the resource is used, and stop anyone else from using it, then you have control. The next key idea to get across to students is that the asset is never the object itself. Where goods or services ae bought externally and recharged/sold internally, the external purchase should code to Activity 00. The VAT on the external purchase should take into account the intended use of the final recipient department wherever possible.

definition of posting in accounting

Write Off
In accounting, writing off is the expensing of a balance sheet asset that has no future benefits. Trial Balance
A list of all the nominal accounts at a given time, together with their net balances, shown as either a debit or a credit balance. Settlement Discount
A Settlement or cash Discount is a percentage discount of the total invoice value that is offered to a customer to encourage early payement.

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For the purposes of the exam, any errors which must be identified and corrected will be realistic in terms of a computerised accounting system. The purpose and use of a subsidiary ledger are to provide records of a company’s financial transactions. And, because there are many per month or years, the subsidiary ledger helps track, collect, and categorize data of those transactions that are posted into the journal.

  • Control Account
    Accounts to which single balances analysed elsewhere in the accounting system are posted.
  • Called Up Share Capital
    The face value of shares for which payment has been requested (“called up”).
  • The profit and loss accounts are combined in the profit and loss account, which is a direct indicator of a company’s financial performance, for the purpose of their financial statements.
  • Let us navigate you through all stages of your accounts preparation, from posting to submission, with our intelligent and guided data entry process.
  • AllocationThe process of matching payments against purchase invoices and receipts against sales invoices raised.
  • These entries follow the summing up phase of the balances of every related subsidiary ledgers account.

Small and Medium Enterprises (ie. small and medium size businesses). The distinction between what is ‘small’ and what is ‘medium’ varies depending on where you are and who you talk to. Sales
Goods sold by the business in which it normally deals, which were bought with the prime intention of resale. Remittance List
A listing of all the receipts of the business for a period, usually that day. Reduced Rate (of VAT)
A lower VAT rate applicable to certain goods and services. It is also referred to as the “liquid ratio” or “acid-test ratio”.



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